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Lorenzo was born in Rome , July the 16th , 1979 and since he was a child he demonstrated a very high construction ability. When he was 10 years old he began plastic modelling hobby.

During school years (11-13 y.o.) he practices  photo printing techniques, electrical circuits making of, these two experiences will stimulate his creativity and his curiosity for these sciences. He ends school with maximum skill.

When he was 16 y.o . he won the first prize for a modelling contest , junior category, realizing a stunning 1/72 F-15E  DRF by Hasegawa.. 
Have a look at the scale model.

During Scientific High School (Italian Liceo Scientifico) he increases passion for electronic and scientific matters.. so he decides to attend  Electronical Engineering University of Rome, the first university in Italy. He ends high school with 50/60 skill.

In 2006 he ends university course attending a stage period in the Italian Agency for Energy and Environment and new technologies (ENEA), participating on a project to realize an innovative Silicon Solar Cell Module, to increase Solar Efficiency.
Thesis work is shown on July 2006, and obtains 12/12 skill.. Lorenzo then obtains engineering degree with 101/110 skill.

During studying years Lorenzo always searches for manual activities to unify theorical formation with practical works.

At the end of High School h projects and realizes a full Entertainment Audio System onboard, on his first little car , Fiat Panda. Acoustic Insulation, audio parts selections, cooling amps are some of his works..

During a university course he practices with photo etching techniques realizing a PIC programmer and a smart card reader. He used them connecting them on a pc through serial port.

Hi-fidelity audio lover, he realizes a couple of professional Stand loudspeaker, Coral project, and always he do not forget how to make unique them.. He paints them using light blue sky.

He loves Information Technology  and he increases his formation thanks to specialized magazines. He easily obtains ECDL. Since 2004 he works as Part time help desk during study years.

The interest for digital imaging and photo retouching brings hit to attend an on line course by EPSON. After a final exam he obtains a certificate as expert in 2D digital imaging. 

He projects and realizes little air compressors for airbrushing. This product is very competitive and it is sold in some modelling and fine art shops in Rome. 

He was  employed in Micron Technology Italy as Process Metro Eng.  For further info visit www.micron.com 

Actually he's employed in INSTRON like field service engineer covering the wide center south Italian area. www.instron.com

Moreover he is a consultant engineer for Criteria Ricerche, visit www.criteriaonline.it (only Italian).


For Info, stage offers or any proposal you can download my Resume :  Curriculum